by Cabula

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released December 17, 2013




Cabula Mar Del Plata, Argentina

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Track Name: Through the Walls of Silence
A silent, quiet scenery
So distant from sunlight
one soulless and mindless man
Fearing to be silent for all time

And You, must be the crystal flame
Like the devil you´ll become

you wrote many words
they became useless to anyone
Your next sin is here now
To show us the way

You´ll walk on earth again
No one could erase this spell

I´m moving through the wall and perhaps
I could never reach the sun
Without belief we have nothing at all,
Without thinking, nothing more.
Set your steps to the doorway
Hear the wooden floor crack below
Your feet aren´t yours anymore
You’re under the tree now
Your days are ending

A silence, quiet scenery
So distant from sunlight

You`ll sell many souls
they become useless to all of us
Our new sin is here now
It begs your forgivness
Track Name: Dying Universe
In this way
Where she goes
Walked years ago
In a great hollow
Surrendered in a field of gold

You could see it all

Believe your eyes
See die this universe!

The leaves fall once again
Suddenly, all starts to fade out
You already miss her
…say goodbye
Track Name: Heavy Breathing Sounds Like Thunder
Breathe again, this may be your last chance
for you to see the horizon before you part.

The rain will find the dirt, conceal your footsteps
the rain will wash away your remains and your pain.

Thunders again, feel the wind call your name
there's no point in being ashamed.

Now we're gone forget them all
walk into the unknown.
walk into the clouds...

There's no coincidence nor accident
keep those photographs next to your heart
they will be a reminder that
you were never that alone.

Rain falls again, there's a new path ahead
make your own story now.
I'll be in your memories, dead but not gone.